Food anthology

        When the first human ate, this person might have only one single food, with one taste.   

History began with an apple, 
The story was told,
Nothing wrong with Adam, 
Eve was the one getting the scold.
After all these years gone by, 
To them, never been very kind,
All sins came from that sweet apple, 
And ruined the whole mankind.

Actually the apple did not do anything, 
A serpent was there in the scene,
Besides those two stupid human, 
Who else were in that Eden enjoyed the same serene.
Today, the snake is put in the Chinese menu, 
And apples are eaten without any hate,
The genes from Adam and Eve, 
Still being kicked out of the Heavenly gate.

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        It will be fun, if we are tracing back, to find out how people eat, starting from what human will prefer in the future.

        May sound silly, it can be done. We did it in the past few years; the results were astonished and interesting.

        In doing it, using several types of junk and non-junk food, and in an interesting country.    

Junk food can be fun, 
If it is representing an interesting country,
We choose Hong Kong, 

A place with not enough melancholy history,
This small island has no world wonder, 
But absent-minded hate,
Yesterday’s enemy always is tomorrow’s partner, 
In working for a better fate, 

A dear friend Elisabat already said to me, 
“Hate is too strong a word to use.”
Mind you, in some country, 
Hate is their national anthem to win and not to lose.
Hong Kong can be influenced for the less, 
Certainly not willing for the more,
The best is to make it as fun as our junk food, 
As interesting as ever than before.

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