Starting from here,
Have fun to make a choice,
Each step ahead,
Is meant to rejoice.
Whether future be right,
Or, whether future be wrong,
One thing can be very sure,
The past is already gone.

To choose or not to choose,
For better or for worse,
Joy is always in the gold mine of wishes. 

Since you are,
On the way up,
From the busiest part of the town,
With a desire,
To the top,
Will never let you down.

Thank you for your efforts, to give us a call,
We will do our very best,
To serve you all.

Copyright 2002  


        In the early 40ís, just close to wartime, a successful young man made a choice, in entering the business of western snacks in Hong Kong.  This venture changed his life; it brought happiness, friendship and wealth. A dream, he knew would come true.   In a place, with the majority of the population from the Orient, a place, where East and West eating habits were not really meeting each other.  He was making a venture, but this venture turned out more risky than one could dream of.  He forged ahead without looking back, for every steps or plans that had to make.

        His success brought numerous admirers; was right about the one he chose to marry. Although what was carried on further did not come any more easier, rich and abundant source of joy with hopes from marriage, gave him the persistence to gain victory, in all types of creations, as if excavated them from a gold mine of wishes.

        Because his products were created together with happiness, was his joy in putting them into the snack market. Funny things happened, all the releases were bought and eaten with joy, in parties and celebrations, which made him much busier than before.

        Finally, he died of exhaustions, with countless unfinished dreams in future creations. Fortunately, he had every wishes written down, one of his sons, is now trying to make them true and real everyday.


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