The following are some of the tastes and flavourings, we have developed in Hong Kong, for the past years, with those customers who persistently in patronizing us, and worked together with us.  If you are interested in any of those, in the following list of flavours, please contact us at (852) 8103 1085 or email to

Code Tastes and Flavourings Country
A7 Acadiana Home Cooking United States
A18 Mexican Style Meat Mexico
A25 Spicy Mexican Style Meat Mexico
A43 Roasted Chicken with Herbs Ireland
D4 Japanese Seaweed Japan
D6 Geisha Special Japan
D13 North-Eastern Seaweed China
F2 Japanese Devilled Japan
F9 Taiwanese Hot Pot Taiwan
G5 Chinese Garlic China
H23 Grilled Goose Hong Kong
N23 Wanchai Special  Shrimp Hong Kong
N30 Wanchai Spicy Special  Shrimp Hong Kong
N32 Street of Wanchai Hong Kong
N39 Spicy Street of Wanchai Hong Kong
Q27 Thai Hot and Sour Thailand
S5 Creamy Sesame Egypt
S7 Black Sesame Egypt
T4 Doha Mutton Egypt, Middle East
T6 Spicy Doha Mutton Egypt, Middle East
T22 Feast of Afghanistan Afghanistan
U2 Tara Hong Kong
U4 Ting Ting Hong Kong
U11 Stephanie Hong Kong
U13 Chop Chop Hong Kong


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